Tutorial: Color Your Eyebrows to Match Bright Wigs

how to color your eyebrows for cosplay

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When you wear a bright and unnaturally colored wig with a costume, the natural color of your eyebrows will probably look a little awkward. To give your cosplay a more realistic look, you’ll want to use makeup to color your eyebrows the same color (I mean, you can dye you eyebrows if you want to, but that’s a little impractical if you’re just wearing the costume for a day).

If you want brighter eyebrows without taking the time to fully cover with glue and redraw them, you can use this method to get a fairly bright color even if you have dark eyebrows. This method is not perfect, but it’s usually what I do because it’s so much easier than gluing eyebrows down and concealing them completely. You’ll still end up with bright eyebrows that look pretty good from a distance and in photographs.

use cream makeup for a brighter brow
Coating your eyebrow in cream makeup will help you get a more vibrant eyebrow color. You can still see the darker eyebrow hairs through the color, but it still looks pretty good overall.

Before you start, you’ll want to brush your eyebrows and clean them up. It’s also a good idea to add your eyebrow color after your foundation and base makeup has been applied. All you need for this method is:

coat your eyebrow in white cream makeup
Use white cream makeup to coat your eyebrow hairs. Use a spooly brush to distribute the makeup through your brow.

1. Use white cream makeup or eyeliner on your brows

Coat your eyebrow hairs in your white cream makeup. You can also use a cream eyeliner pencil if that’s what you have available. The idea here is to coat your eyebrows in a base coat of white so that you can add a brighter color on top (or keep it white if you prefer).

Once you’ve used the white cream makeup, use your spooly brush to distribute the white color throughout and coat the hair of your eyebrows evenly. Then you’ll want to add another layer or two of white and repeat the process to get a more solidly white surface to work on.

Use a translucent powder to set the cream makeup onto your eyebrows. The powder will help keep the cream from rubbing off as you add color to it.

brush cream makeup on top of your brows
Use a vibrant cream makeup over top of the white to create a more vibrant color. You can also keep it white if you happen to have a white wig.

2. Use an angled brush to add color

Using an angled brush with cream makeup, add your color of choice. Use small strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hairs to make it look a little more natural. Then take your spooly brush again to help distribute the color throughout your brow.

For a brighter color, add multiple layers to your eyebrow and use bright, cream makeup. You can use an eyeshadow if that’s what you have available. You’ll still get a brighter color than you will if you used the first method, but usually the pigment doesn’t stand out as much.

pink eyebrows with a pink wig
Your eyebrows will still be a bit darker that a bright wig when using this method, but it still creates a decent match to the color.

3. Clean up the edges

Just like in the first method, you may end up with a blocky eyebrow shape while you’re adding all the extra pigment. Take the time to use a small brush or Q-tip and clean up the edges of your newly colored eyebrow.

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