Tutorial: How to Color Your Eyebrows for Cosplay

how to color your eyebrows for cosplay

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So you got a brand new bright wig and decided to try it on. It looks great on you except for one small thing. Your eyebrows are the wrong color! You can make that wig look just a little more natural by taking the time to add color to your brows.

Even though covering your eyebrows is the most accurate method of matching a character’s wig color, it’s also a lot of work. In most cases, simply coloring your brows will get you close enough to the wig color. Remember, most people have a natural eyebrow color that doesn’t completely match their hair color. So, it’s okay if your eyebrows are a little off from the color of your wig.

Using eyeshadow to color your eyebrows
Use eyeshadow to add subtle color to your eyebrows. Good for tinting your eyebrows when you have a darker wig.

The simplest way to color your eyebrows is by simply adding color to tint them toward the color of your wig. Unless you have very light eyebrows, this method is really only sufficient if you have a dark-colored wig. 

You’ll want to use a spooly brush (the same type of brush used for mascara) to brush out your eyebrows before you start. I will generally do this method after I’ve finished my basic makeup on the rest of my face. You don’t need any specialized makeup to use this method. All you need is:

adding eyeshadow to your brows
Use a small eyeliner brush to add eyeshadow to your brows.

1. Use an angled brush to add color

Using an angled eyeliner brush with eyeshadow or an eyeliner or brow pencil, add color to your eyebrows. Use small strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hairs to create a more natural look.

Since most people have eyebrows that are somewhat dark, use a color that is brighter than you think you need. The dark hairs of your eyebrows will mute the color a little making it appear overall darker when you are finished.

use a spooly brush to distribute the color
Use a spooly brush to distribute the color through your eyebrows.

2. Use a spooly brush to move the even out the color on your brows

Using your spooly brush, comb through your eyebrows. This will help to distribute the color evenly throughout the eyebrow hairs so you are not left with clumps of color in a few spots. 

This will also take some color off of your eyebrows, so you’ll want to go back in and add another layer or two of eyeshadow color. Then comb it through the hairs again and repeat until you are happy with the result.

subtle color added to eyebrows
Add multiple layers of eyeshadow to a more vibrant color.

3. Clean up the edges

If you are very neat with makeup, you might not need this step, but I’m always the kind of person who accidentally colors outside of the lines. If that’s you too, don’t worry. Simply take a Q-tip with some foundation and clean up the edges of your eyebrows so the color is contained.

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