Tutorial: How to Color Your Eyebrows for Cosplay (3 methods)

3 ways to color your eyebrows for cosplay

So you got a brand new bright wig and decided to try it on. It looks great on you except for one small thing. Your eyebrows are the wrong color! You can make that wig look just a little more natural by taking the time to add color to your brows.

For most characters, you can color your eyebrows by adding eyeshadow in the shade of your wig. However, for characters with bright hair, coat your brows in white before adding color. To get perfectly matching eyebrows, you will have to cover your own brows and then draw them back in.

Even though covering your eyebrows is the most accurate method of matching a character’s wig color, it’s also a lot of work. In most cases, simply coloring your brows will get you close enough to the wig color. Remember, most people have a natural eyebrow color that doesn’t completely match their hair color. So, it’s okay if your eyebrows are a little off from the color of your wig.

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Using eyeshadow to color your eyebrows
Use eyeshadow to add subtle color to your eyebrows. Good for tinting your eyebrows when you have a darker wig.

Method 1: Adding color to dark eyebrows

The simplest way to color your eyebrows is by simply adding color to tint them toward the color of your wig. Unless you have very light eyebrows, this method is really only sufficient if you have a dark-colored wig. 

You’ll want to use a spooly brush (the same type of brush used for mascara) to brush out your eyebrows before you start. I will generally do this method after I’ve finished my basic makeup on the rest of my face. You don’t need any specialized makeup to use this method. All you need is:

adding eyeshadow to your brows
Use a small eyeliner brush to add eyeshadow to your brows.

1. Use an angled brush to add color

Using an angled eyeliner brush with eyeshadow or an eyeliner or brow pencil, add color to your eyebrows. Use small strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hairs to create a more natural look.

Since most people have eyebrows that are somewhat dark, use a color that is brighter than you think you need. The dark hairs of your eyebrows will mute the color a little making it appear overall darker when you are finished.

use a spooly brush to distribute the color
Use a spooly brush to distribute the color through your eyebrows.

2. Use a spooly brush to move the even out the color on your brows

Using your spooly brush, comb through your eyebrows. This will help to distribute the color evenly throughout the eyebrow hairs so you are not left with clumps of color in a few spots. 

This will also take some color off of your eyebrows, so you’ll want to go back in and add another layer or two of eyeshadow color. Then comb it through the hairs again and repeat until you are happy with the result.

subtle color added to eyebrows
Add multiple layers of eyeshadow to a more vibrant color.

3. Clean up the edges

If you are very neat with makeup, you might not need this step, but I’m always the kind of person who accidentally colors outside of the lines. If that’s you too, don’t worry. Simply take a Q-tip with some foundation and clean up the edges of your eyebrows so the color is contained.

Method 2: Brighter colored eyebrows

If you want brighter eyebrows without taking the time to fully cover them, there is still an option for you. This method is not perfect, but it’s usually what I do because it’s so much easier than gluing eyebrows down and concealing them completely. You’ll still end up with bright eyebrows that look pretty good from a distance.

use cream makeup for a brighter brow
Coating your eyebrow in cream makeup will help you get a more vibrant eyebrow color.

Just like with the first method, you’ll want to brush your eyebrows and clean them up before you get started here. It’s also a good idea to add your eyebrow color after your foundation and base makeup has been applied. All you need for this method is:

coat your eyebrow in white cream makeup
Use white cream makeup to coat your eyebrow hairs. Use a spooly brush to distribute the makeup through your brow.

1. Use white cream makeup or eyeliner on your brows

Coat your eyebrow hairs in your white cream makeup. You can also use a cream eyeliner pencil if that’s what you have available. The idea here is to coat your eyebrows in a base coat of white so that you can add a brighter color on top (or keep it white if you prefer).

Once you’ve used the white cream makeup, use your spooly brush to distribute the white color throughout and coat the hair of your eyebrows evenly. Then you’ll want to add another layer or two of white and repeat the process to get a more solidly white surface to work on.

Use a translucent powder to set the cream makeup onto your eyebrows. The powder will help keep the cream from rubbing off as you add color to it.

brush cream makeup on top of your brows
Use a vibrant cream makeup over top of the white to create a more vibrant color. You can also keep it white if you happen to have a white wig.

2. Use an angled brush to add color

Using an angled brush with cream makeup, add your color of choice. Use small strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hairs to make it look a little more natural. Then take your spooly brush again to help distribute the color throughout your brow.

For a brighter color, add multiple layers to your eyebrow and use bright, cream makeup. You can use an eyeshadow if that’s what you have available. You’ll still get a brighter color than you will if you used the first method, but usually the pigment doesn’t stand out as much.

pink eyebrows with a pink wig
Your eyebrows will still be a bit darker that a bright wig when using this method, but it still creates a decent match to the color.

3. Clean up the edges

Just like in the first method, you may end up with a blocky eyebrow shape while you’re adding all the extra pigment. Take the time to use a small brush or Q-tip and clean up the edges of your newly colored eyebrow.

covering your eyebrows and drawing new. ones
If you want truly bright eyebrows, you’ll have to cover your real eyebrows and draw new ones.

Method 3: Covering your eyebrows

Unless you have very light eyebrows, to begin with, the only way to truly match your wig color using makeup is by completely covering your eyebrows and redrawing them in a matching color. This method is easiest if you have an eye or brow pencil in your desired color, but you can also use eyeshadow or pretty much any other type of highly pigmented makeup.

Generally, this method for coloring your eyebrows is pretty annoying. It can take a half-hour to an hour since you have to wait for layers of glue and makeup to dry. It also uses a lot of product, so if you’re low on concealer or foundation, you might want to go out and get a new bottle before starting.

You’ll want to use this technique before applying the rest of your makeup (with the exception of using a primer). When your eyebrows are fully covered, you’ll apply your foundation and base makeup, then draw your eyebrows over top.

Items you need:

brush your eyebrows up
Prepare your eyebrows by brushing the hairs upward.

1. Brush your eyebrow hairs upward.

The first step is to get your eyebrows ready for gluing. Because of the way eyebrow hairs normally sit on the brow bone, it’s not always possible to get them to lay flat if you glue them as-is. Instead, it’s better to brush the eyebrow hairs upward using a spooly brush. This will give each of the hairs more space to lay flat against your skin without being packed against the other hairs.

smooth your eyebrows with glue
Glue your eyebrows up with a glue stick. If you look at your profile it should be smooth with not extra hairs sticking up.

2. Use a glue stick to glue your eyebrows up.

The goal here is to make your eyebrows as smooth as possible so that you can cover them and make them look like they don’t exist at all. To do this, use a glue stick (any regular old glue stick will work), and glue down your eyebrow hairs. 

Move the stick in an upward motion, the same direction that your eyebrow hairs are facing now. You can use a small painter’s palette knife after applying the glue to further push your eyebrow hairs down. Once the glue is dry, it should only take five to ten minutes, apply another layer of glue to create an even smoother surface.

conceal your eyebrows
Conceal your eyebrows one layer at a time until they are completely covered. This will typically take 3-5 layers of makeup.

3. Coat your eyebrows in a thick layer of concealer

Once all layers of glue are dry, it’s time to start covering your eyebrows. Use a thick liquid concealer and paint over your eyebrows. Then use a blending sponge to pat down the concealer and blend out the edges. Don’t blend it too much because you want the concealer to remain thick where it covers the eyebrow hairs. 

When the concealer dries, add a layer of powder foundation or translucent powder on top. Press the powder down on top of the concealer, try not to rub too much so the makeup will stay in place.

Repeat this process of concealer and powder foundation for three to five layers, or until your eyebrows are fully covered.

use foundation on your whole face
Use foundation on your face and eyebrows to blend them onto your face.

4. Apply foundation to your face and over your eyebrows

Once your eyebrows are completely covered, it’s time to get them perfectly blended into your face. This is when you want to apply your typical foundation routine as usual. When using your foundation, be sure to cover your eyebrows as well so that they are the same color as the rest of your skin. 

When finished applying the liquid foundation, it’s a good idea to add another layer of powder foundation or translucent powder to get your brow ready for adding your eyebrow back in.

draw your new eyebrows
Use an eye pencil or eyeshadow to draw your new, bright eyebrows.

5. Draw in your eyebrows

Finally, it’s time to draw your new, brightly colored eyebrows. If you’re nervous about free-handing the shape of your brow (it can be difficult to get your eyebrows to match), I recommend trying these eyebrow cards. You can hold them against your face and fill them in stroke by stroke to easily create your desired eyebrows.

It’s easiest to redraw your eyebrows with a colored brow pencil or eyeliner. However, you can also use any kind of powder or cream makeup with an angled brush. Whatever you choose, apply the makeup stroke by stroke to try to simulate the hairs of an eyebrow. In the end, you will have a fully shaded brow, but the individual strokes give your new eyebrow a more realistic variation in color that you won’t get if you simply shade in your entire eyebrow.

matching wig and eyebrows
In the end, your eyebrows should match your with exactly.

6. Apply translucent powder to keep your eyebrows in place.

After you’re happy with your new eyebrows, you’ll want to give them a little bit of staying power so they last the whole day. Either spray them with a good sealing spray or use a translucent powder to set your makeup. 

If you used cream makeup for your eyebrows, be sure to press the powder on first before brushing it away. This will help you avoid smudging the makeup.

That’s all there is to it! You can finish the rest of your makeup and put your wig on to see how it looks together.

7. Removing the makeup and glue

When the day is over and you’re ready to remove the makeup and free your eyebrows, first you’ll use a makeup remover to get the majority of the makeup off. If you’re using wipes, be prepared to use two or three of them since you’ll need to remove thick layers of makeup. 

The makeup remover should remove some of the glue, but you’ll probably also have to use some soap and water to finish cleaning your eyebrows. I rub a bar of soap directly onto my eyebrows and use a damp washcloth to clean them off.

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