Tutorial: Create Fake Freckles Using a Spooly Brush

fake freckles for cosplay

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The idea of this method of creating freckles is to flick powder onto your face to create a truly random array of dark spots. You’ll get the widest variety in freckle size using this method since the powder can fall into very fine dots or larger spots. In my opinion, this is the method that looks the most natural. However, it will also take a little bit of practice before you get the technique correct. 

Items you need:

powder foundation
dark powder flicked on your face can create realistic freckles with varying shapes and sizes

1. Collect eyeshadow on a spooly brush and flick it at your face.

Swirl your spooly brush in a dark brown shade of eyeshadow (or bronzer). You want to make sure you get quite a bit of loose powder onto the brush so you can effectively flick it at your face. You may need to work the surface of your eyeshadow for a bit to get enough loose powder to use. 

Tip your head back and hold the spooly brush over your face. Then flick the brush so the powder falls onto you (make sure to keep your eyes closed). Usually, there is only enough powder to cover a small section of the face, so you’ll want to collect more eyeshadow and repeat the process several times until you’re happy with the result.

The flicking technique can be a little difficult to get right, so it’s best to practice a few times before you’re at the convention putting freckles on. 

flick powder on your face
Use a spooly brush to flick dark powder onto different areas of your face.

2. Press the powder onto your face using a blending sponge

After you’re happy with the result, you’ll need to press the freckles into your face. At this point, the powder is only loosely on the surface of your skin. If you don’t take the time to press them, the freckles will easily fall away or smudge.

Use a blending sponge to press down on all of the powder spots. Avoid wiping or rubbing with the sponge so that you don’t blur the freckles. This step will immediately make the freckles look lighter, so you may want to go back to step and add more powder if you want a more dramatic look.

press the powder into your skin
Use a blending sponge to press the powder freckles onto your skin.

3. Use foundation to blend some areas into your skin

Once you are happy with the result, it’s time to go back in with foundation and clean it up a little. Using very small dabs of foundation and a blending sponge, lightly cover areas of freckles that you want to be less dark or dramatic. Usually, it’s best to keep areas like cheekbones, brow bones, and your nose as the most prominently freckled parts of your face.

add foundation
Add foundation to make the freckles look even more realistic.

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