Tutorial: How to Make a Wig Bigger

tutorial: how to resize a wig bigger

Some wigs are quite so. So small, in fact, that the wig won’t fit around your head head. In this case, you’ll need to adjust the wig to be a size bigger. This is actually a fairly common issue when using cosplay wigs, unless you’re using a brand that is known for having larger wigs (like Arda Wigs). The good news is that it’s generally easier to size a wig up than it is to size a wig down.

1. Turn the wig inside out

Turn the wig inside out and look for the ear tabs on the side of the wig. You’ll see the ear tab is a separate section that’s sewn to the elastic band that goes around the back of the wig. What we’re going to need to do is elongate this back section with a piece of elastic so that it can accommodate a larger skull.

2. Cut off the wig resizing tab (or use another piece of elastic)

You can use a separate piece of elastic for this tutorial, however, if you don’t have any available look no further than the inside of your wig. Most will have a long tab of elastic with a hook at the end connected to the back of the ear. Since this is used as a simple way to size the wig smaller, it’s not useful to you. 

Go ahead and cut off that wig resizing tab. Measure about 1-2 inches off the end and snip it. The 1-2 inch section of elastic will be what you use to enlarge your wig.

3. Cut the ear tab from the back of the wig

Now, go back to the ear tab of your wig. Either snip the elastic band about half an inch behind the tab or use a seam ripper to cut the threads more carefully until the ear tab and the back of the wig are separated. Be careful not to cut the wig fibers in the process.

4. Use your elastic piece and sew it behind the ear tab

Take your small elastic piece that we got in step 2 and pin it between the ear tab and the back of the wig to reconnect the two sides. Sew the elastic in place using thread that matches the wig or matches the color of the wig cap. It’s okay if it looks a little messy, the area shouldn’t be seen from the outside. However, you do want to make sure it’s securely sewn on so that the thread doesn’t snap while you’re stretching the wig over your head.

After you’ve finished, try the wig on to see how it looks and feels. If it still feels tight, you can add a longer strand of elastic (but before you do that, remember you will still add elastic to the other side too). 

add wefts if necessary
If a gap shows when you are wearing the wig, add a couple of rows of wefts.

5. Add wefts if necessary

In most cases, the small expansion in the wig cap will not create any noticeable gaps in the wig. The fibers on top will fall and cover up the gap. However, if you needed to significantly increase the size of a wig, you might have to add a couple of lines of wig wefts to cover the gap. 

Most places that sell cosplay wigs will also sell wefts. You can purchase these and sew them onto your wig to cover the gap you created. Then trim the wefts to match the style of your wig. In most cases, you will not have to take this step, but it is an option for you if the wig was exceptionally small.

6. Repeat on the other side

Once you have one side finished, it’s time to repeat the process with the other side of the wig. Try to make both sides as even as possible, but don’t worry if they’re not exact. Trust me, no one will notice.

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