Tutorial: Easy Vampire Fangs with Acrylic Nails

how to make easy fangs

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It’s pretty easy to create custom fangs for your next cosplay. The cheap, simple method is to use acrylic nails and cut them into points. If you want to create more realistic teeth, you can use a non-toxic thermoplastic and mold your fangs from scratch. With this method, you can also create bottom fangs, a snaggle tooth, or even large tusks.

Warning: Do not eat anything while wearing fangs and it’s best to use a straw to drink. You don’t want them to get knocked loose and become a potential choking hazard. The fangs are, however, reusable. So you can remove them when you eat and then reapply the fangs afterward with denture adhesive.

making fangs with acrylic nails
You can make decent-looking fangs by cutting acrylic nails to a point and pasting them to your teeth with denture glue.

The simple method: Acrylic nail fangs

If you only have basic supplies or have a very tight budget, you can make some simple fangs using a cheap set of acrylic nails that you can find at your local store. These will be flat fangs that you paste to the front of your teeth, but they still look good enough unless someone is getting a very close look at your teeth.

This method is not ideal for creating tusks or fangs on the bottom teeth. It’s difficult to get the bottom tooth fangs to stay in place when you close your mouth since most people have a slight overbite. I was unable to get a bottom snaggle-tooth fang to stay in place, but you can try to see if you have better luck.

Supplies needed:

sizing your fangs
Test which nails fit over your teeth, then cut them to points.
  1. Choose the acrylic nail that fits your tooth. Place the different sizes of acrylic nails up against your teeth to see which ones fit best. For me, the pinky and ring fingernails fit, but everyone’s mouth and teeth are different sizes, so find what works best for you.
  2. Trim the acrylic nail into a point. Once you’ve picked out the best nails to turn into teeth, take a pair of scissors and trim them to a point. You may also want to trim the nailbed side slightly to help it fit around your tooth a little bit better.
  3. Use denture adhesive to attach the fangs to your teeth. Now all you have to do is apply a dot of denture adhesive to the back of the nail and press it onto your tooth. Denture adhesive will work best if you take a tissue and dry your tooth before applying it. NEVER use the glue that comes with your acrylic nails, since this is meant as a semi-permanent adhesive and you will not be able to get the fangs off easily.

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