9 Tips to Wear Cosplay Wigs For Normal Everyday Life

9 tips for wearing cosplay wigs in everyday life

Cosplay wigs offer a lot of advantages to those of you who want to wear flashy looks without damaging your hair, or just like the idea of wearing a wig to style your hair with zero effort. I have known several friends within the cosplay community who enjoy collecting wigs and wearing them on a daily basis, even if they were just headed to the post office. There is nothing that says cosplay wigs can’t be worn outside of convention.

In the short term, there is nothing wrong with wearing cosplay wigs for your normal life. However, since cosplay wigs were not made for everyday use, they will usually only last 3-5 months before you start to notice hair fibers falling out and general wear and tear. 

If you want your wigs to continue to last, it’s best to keep several options around and rotate which one you wear. You’ll also need to spend some extra time taking care of your wigs and making sure they are stored properly so that you can continue to use them and avoid ruining the wig.

The advantages of wearing a cosplay wig for everyday life

Some cosplay wigs will look so close to natural hair that you won’t stand out at all. Wearing them will be like simply changing your hairstyle, and no one but your friends will know it’s a wig. I’ve also known people who like to wear wigs occasionally so that they can have crazy colored hairstyles without damaging their hair with bleach and dyes. So, there are various advantages to wearing wigs for everyday use.

  • Synthetic wigs are a cost-effective option.  They’re much cheaper than wigs made from real 
  • You don’t need to dye or bleach your hair for a new look. I know so many people who like to experiment with different hair colors all the time. The problem is, using too much bleach can end up damaging your hair or even causing some of it to fall out. Wigs give you the ability to experiment without having to worry about that.
  • You can spend less time getting ready. It can take a lot of time to style your hair into a cute hairdo. By wearing a wig, you can bypass that process and have perfectly styled hair in the time it takes to put your wig on.
  • You can cover up a bad hair day. We all have occasional bad hair days. If you don’t want to try to deal with the mess, it’s super easy to put your hair up and cover it with a wig instead.
  • You can hide ‘unprofessional’ haircuts. There are still many employers who don’t like when their employees have colorful hairstyles. If you like to frequently make creative changes to your own hair, you can cover that up with a more professional-looking wig to avoid getting into trouble at work.
wearing a lace front wig
Once you’ve added concealer and blended it into your skin, the lace front almost disappears, making a natural-looking hairline.

Tips for wearing cosplay wigs daily

When it comes to wearing synthetic wigs outside of a cosplay setting, there are some extra pointers that you’ll want to keep in mind. Whether you’re trying to make your wig look as natural as possible or you’re just trying to stay comfortable throughout the day, you’ll want to consider these tips.

  1. Invest in high-quality wigs. Higher-quality wigs will be thicker with more hair fibers. This means they’ll last a lot longer since even as the wig starts to shed hair strands, you’ll still have layers of hair left. Higher-quality wigs will also look more natural, and you’ll be able to avoid the ugly shine you’ll get with poor-quality cosplay wigs. You also might want to consider getting lace-front wigs so that the hairline will look more natural.
  2. Wear a hat. The part of the wig that stands out the most is typically the hairline and the part. These areas will rarely look like natural hair unless you get a wig that is specifically made to mimic these. Wearing a hat on top of the wig will help it to look a little more natural as you walk around in public.
  3. Bring medicine for headaches. If you’re not used to wearing wigs all day, I highly recommend carrying around your preferred medicine for headaches. Wigs can constrict your head and cause discomfort and pain over time. You might not want to take the wig off in the middle of the day to give your head a breather, so be prepared with a couple of over-the-counter pills just in case.
  4. Bring a wig brush or comb for longer wigs. Unlike real hair, the plastic strands of cosplay wigs do not have any oil coating to keep them from tangling. This is why it’s so much easier to get impossible knots in cosplay wigs after you’ve worn it all day long. Bring a wide-toothed comb or wig brush with you to help with the upkeep during the day. You can also check out my guide for detangling wigs and coating them to prevent tangles from forming.
  5. Securely pin your wig. Wigs can easily slide around on your head throughout the day. To prevent this, you want to make sure you use an ample amount of hairpins to keep the wig in position and prevent it from sliding backward and revealing your real hairline.
  6. Always wear a wig cap. To keep your hair in place and give your pins a better hold, I highly recommend using a wig cap. This does wonders for keeping your hair from falling out of a wig, and it gives the pins something to hold onto.
  7. Don’t wear the same wig every day. Since cosplay wigs are not as durable as those that are meant for everyday use, it’s advantageous to have several wigs that you rotate using instead of wearing the same wig every day for months. This will keep the wigs in good condition for a longer period of time.
  8. Avoid moving your wig during the day. While it’s pretty normal to unconsciously adjust your hair during the day, that’s something you’ll want to try to avoid when wearing a wig. Touching the wig and moving it around too much can lead to it falling off of your head, or it can lead to a more rapid deterioration since your wig will shed fiber strands more quickly.
  9. Store your wig properly. When you are not wearing your wig, make sure to put it on a wig head or stand, or carefully put it away in a plastic bag. Avoid high-heat storage areas and don’t leave them lying around. Taking good care of your wig like this will help to extend its lifespan so you can wear it longer.
eyebrows darker than the wig
Making your eyebrows a couple of shades darker than your wig helps to create a more natural effect.

The downsides of wearing cosplay wigs every day

Wearing your cosplay wigs all day long is not all butterflies and roses. There is a lot more upkeep you’ll have to do to keep your wigs in good condition, and you might find that they’re just not comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. If you have long hair like me, you might also realize that putting your hair up to put on a wig is a lot more work than you bargained for. Wearing a cosplay wig every day is not for everyone, so be sure to keep these in mind.

  • You need to wash your wig frequently. It’s best to wash your wig after four or five uses. Since it’s directly next to your head, wigs can easily collect sweat and makeup after being worn a few times. They can even start to smell. You’ll need to occasionally wash them to keep them from becoming gross along the inner edge.
  • Most synthetic wigs are not comfortable. Since the fibers are made from plastic, cosplay wigs tend to be a little itchy and not very breathable. They can make your head feel hot all day long. It may take a little while to get used to the sensation of wearing a wig every day.
  • You might get headaches. It’s quite common to get headaches, especially from wigs that are a little too small for your head. If you know you tend to get horrible headaches, it might be best to avoid wigs in your daily life.
  • They are not very durable. Since most cosplay wigs were not meant for daily wear, they don’t always hold up well after multiple uses. Cosplay wigs are meant to be worn for only a few events every year. Therefore, once they are used as everyday wigs, they usually only last three to five months. Higher quality wigs will last longer, but eventually, the fibers will start to fall out, and the wig will show its age.
  • They cannot always be re-styled. While some wigs can be styled with heat, others are not heat resistant. Your only option will be whatever the wig came in. Even heat-resistant wigs should not be restyled too often. Since this will damage the fibers.
  • Your wig will tangle. As I mentioned earlier, long synthetic wigs will tangle extremely easily. You’ll need to be proactive in combing and brushing your wig throughout the day to prevent a knotted mess.

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